I am fascinated by facts, thoughts and ideas. I am now at that age where the inevitable winding down of life is very much in progress and I am always conscious these days of how much I have actually learnt and absorbed of the world. Every year, as more cells decay and die and as more neurons in my brain degrade, I think I may never reach the stage where I can truly say I understand most things that make up the physical universe. I have a bright little girl who will shortly learn stuff that I am completely unaware of. This increasing irrelevance worries me. I make a resolution every year that this year I will learn something or do something that is additive, and all I seem to be adding are the pounds.

This stops now.


One thought on “The Exclusion Principle

  1. Hey, if your little girl learns new stuff all the time it’s something to be happy & proud about. And you are doing things that you have wanted to do , so why worry? If the Pounds you are adding are the GBP kind— more power to you; if they are the FPS kind — you are wife gets to see more of you, WOW!


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